Located on Deck Side of Clubhouse
Located on Deck Side of Clubhouse

Emergency Info

Emergency Response Procedures

  1. Call 911 without fail before anything else.  Provide address - Deer Creek Motorcoach Resort, 2524 Edmonds Road, Galax.
  2. Tell them that someone will meet EMS at the gate.
  3. Request help from neighbor or bystander.
  4. Send someone sent to the front gate to wait for EMS.
  5. Assess the emergency and ensure the area is clear and safe.
  6. Start any CPR or medical treatment that may be needed.
  7. If CPR is needed, start chest compressions and breaths immediately, executing 100-120 chest compressions per minute and two breaths every 30 chest compressions.
  8. Send someone to retrieve the AED and Medical Bag from one of the two locations - on the deck of the Clubhouse or on the Stop Sign at the top of the main drive.  Sound the air horn while there.
  9. Use the AED if necessary, following the instructions as given by the AED.  Stay calm and focused.
  10. Continue any treatment necessary until EMS arrives, and give Medical Information Form to EMS when they arrive.


Prepare Now

Don't wait for an emergency to prepare.  If you haven't already done the following, do them as soon as possible.

  • Purchase an air horn to use in an emergency to alert neighbors to your emergency.
  • Complete the Medical Information Form for each person living in your coach and if needed, the Emergency Pet Care Form for any pets.  Place all completed forms in a sealed plastic storage bag in your refrigerator.  And finally, put a red Vial of Life label on the plastic storage bag with the completed forms and on the door of your motorhome to signal medical forms available in the refrigerator.  Note that the labels are located in the bottom right corner of the cubby shelf in the Laundry Room of the Clubhouse.
Medical Information Form
Be sure to print out this form ( one for each person), complete it for each person, and then store them in a waterproof bag in a visible place in your refrigerator. Emergency personnel often look in this place for completed forms. Also store copies in your glove box of your car(s) / truck(s).
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Emergency Pet Care Form
If you have pet(s), also print out this form, complete it, and then store it in the same waterproof bag in a visible place in your refrigerator. Don't forget to store a copy in your glove box of your car(s) / truck(s) if your pet travels with you in the vehicle. (You may include all pets on one form is you choose.)
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Virginia Good Samaritan Law
As stated, this is the Good Samaritan Law for Virginia.
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